Many Nigerians still struggle to talk about their mental health due to the fear of being judged or shamed.
As a Nigerian, choosing to undergo therapy may not be an easy decision. However, the benefits that therapy can have on your life makes it a very worthy option.
In this blog post, you will learn 7 major ways therapy can benefit your life. You will also discover where you can find one of the best therapy services in Nigeria.

8 Ways Therapy Can Change Your Life

1. It will help you manage and reduce stress in your life.

A lot of Nigerians find it difficult to cope or handle the stress of life. The inability to express these emotions for fear of being seen as “weak” places a lot of burden on their mental health.
Through therapy, you can express your feelings and talk about all those things that makes you anxious, scared, worried etc.

2. Therapy will help you develop healthy ways to cope with life’s struggles or challenges.

To manage the worries and stress from daily life, many Nigerians have resorted to drug and alcohol abuse.
According to a report , over 14 million Nigerians were reported to have abused drugs and alcohol. This amount continues to increase yearly.
Undergoing therapy will teach you better and healthy ways to cope and manage the challenges of life. This will not only help you mentally but also help you physically.

3. Therapy provides a safe space to express your feelings and emotions without shame.

As mentioned earlier, many Nigerians find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions. This continued suppression leads to unhealthy emotional outbursts, violence, drug abuse , alcoholism etc.
In therapy sessions, you will be able to express all your deepest feelings and emotions and get unbiased feedback.

4. Therapy helps you to manage and overcome addiction.

Many Nigerians have several addictions they battle with secretly. Some of them include drug addiction, sex addiction , alcohol addiction etc.
If you decide to go for therapy, those addictions would be addressed. The causes, effects and how you can overcome them will all be discussed in therapy.

5. Therapy helps you strike a balance between your personal life and your work.

A lot of Nigerians are stressed out especially men when it comes to their work and usually end up feeling burnt out and anxious. But with therapy, you will be able to set healthy boundaries between your work and your personal life. You will learn how to prioritize your family and at the same time work effectively.

6. Therapy helps you build and maintain better relationships.

A lot of conflicts in relationships(romantic/family) is as a result of underlying reasons like childhood events, trauma, loss of loved one etc. In therapy, you are taught how to untangle yourself from the effects of those events and create better and healthier relationships.

7. Therapy helps you find yourself.

In therapy, you discover who you really are. You get clarity about your strength and your weaknesses in therapy. You become more self-aware and accepting of yourself. This ultimately helps you live a more fulfilling and happier life.

Taking the Step to Change Your Life

Now that you understand how therapy can change your life, it is time to take that first most important step.

Finding your Therapist

The first step you need to take to enjoy all the benefits that therapy has to offer is to find a therapist for yourself.
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