Impact and Testimonials

A BIG thank you for helping with my healing journey. 

I want to extend a BIG thank you to Mycarebuddy for being an essential part of my healing journey. I felt welcomed and supported from the beginning, which made all the difference.

Mycarebuddy’s therapists are skilled professionals and compassionate and understanding individuals. They created a safe space where I could openly share my struggles and emotions without judgment. Through their guidance, I gained new perspectives, learned coping strategies, and gradually started to heal.

The impact on my life has been profound. I now understand myself better, have improved self-esteem, and have a more positive outlook. Mycarebuddy was crucial in helping me navigate difficult times and providing the support I needed to grow and heal.

I can’t thank Mycarebuddy enough for their dedication and commitment to my well-being. If you’re seeking a supportive and transformative healing journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Mycarebuddy. They are truly dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives, just as they did in mine. Thank you once again for being there for me every step of the way!

– Anonymous

“I needed a therapist because, for some years, I’d been having bouts of depression that were seasonal. I felt unsure of my life and future, and all the uncertainties gave me lots of unhappiness and deep-rooted sadness.

At this time, I was gradually coming out of the effects of depression I’d experienced before. I wasn’t going out much or working on any project, or being employed. As I improved, I determined to attend events and network even when I didn’t like it. It was an event organised by a business hub, and Mycarebuddy partnered with it. I then went for a session with Mycarebuddy’s representative. It was a reassuring moment for me. I received some action plans to help me forge ahead. It was an emotional time as the therapist was patient enough with me and empathetic enough to allow me time to cry and be myself. It was a no holds barred moment too.

After it all, I felt relieved and drafted actionable goals to help me move ahead.

From there on, I released my book on winning over depression, and I must say that therapy is necessary for life.  Above all,  my most appreciation is to Mycarebuddy for that session. I was a living person, but it felt like I was absent in my body that day. Thank you for giving me balance and strength.”

— LadyGwen Oshoniyi

Media Personality/Author – of Naked and Squared (Surviving Depression-A media girl’s Perspective)

*Real identity published with clients permission