Happy new year from us once again, welcome to 2024. If you’ve been on the Nigerian internet, you’re probably acquainted with our mantra for the year “no gree for anybody“. In this article, you’ll be introduced to how you can incorporate this to be mentally healthy this year.

  1. No gree for yourself: your resolutions are probably set and if you’ve been able to keep them consistently these past five months, then congratulations. It’s easy to get tired and want to give up along the way, to want to procrastinate those big dreams to a later date, but let me paint a picture in your head. You’re seated at the end of this year, counting your blessings and the accomplishment you’ve made so far is tremendous, you’ve broken that addiction, dropped that emotional baggage and have carried out at least 80% of the things you set out to do. In simple terms, don’t give up, don’t put off what you can do for later, no gree for yourself.
  1. No gree for bad energy: even if the bad energy is coming from you. Don’t allow anyone make you think less of yourself, including yourself.  Lock out those negative thoughts, surround yourself with all the positivity that you can get. Those dreams you have, chase them, there’s no stopping what you can do as long as you’re determined, let nobody tell you otherwise.
  1. No gree for stress: take breaks when you need to, cut out what you need to, don’t let anyone or anything stress you out. Doing what you need to do with a well rested mind will breed more results.
  1. No gree for any obstacle: you’ve come too far to give up now, whatever stands in your way this year, try, try as much as possible to see that you overcome. Of course be sure to reward and motivate yourself after every milestone. We’re rooting for you.
  1. No gree for negative effects on your mental health: feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone, I you feel the need for a therapist, do not ignore it, Mycarebuddy’s Basic Talk Therapy has got you covered. Have wellness products at your disposal and do not be ashamed to proclaim how much of a mental health enthusiast you are. Resist the urge to overthink or let anything or anyone take a negative toll on your mental health. Make good use of Affirmations and block out any form of negativity, you are who you think you are, let nobody tell you otherwise.

Be audacious this year, dare to dream and stay mentally healthy while at it. Follow Mycarebuddy across all social media platforms. This is us not “greeing” for you. We have some amazing things prepared for you to make sure your mental health is at its peak this year and you wouldn’t want to miss out. Seek the help of a therapist when necessary, make good use of our wellness products and be sure to implement the tips we drop online. Cheers to a fulfilling year.