Studies have shown that the biggest cause of mental health issues in the lives of men is their work. This comes right before their finances and health Society’s expectations have led men to think that they must be the sole breadwinner of the family and that they cannot rely on others. The efforts to bear this burden has led men to be so obsessed with their work and this has affected their physical and mental well-being negatively.
As an employer, you must understand the importance of prioritizing the mental health of your
male employees and how you can help them.

Importance of Prioritizing the Mental health of Your Male Employees

1. Creation of a Supportive and Accepting Work Environment: When your workplace prioritizes the mental health of its employees including the men, it improves their relationship with their families, partners and coworkers. This ultimately leads to a work
environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
2. Reduction of Suicide and suicidal thoughts: Research shows that the rates of suicide in men is more higher compared to women. One of the reasons for this is because men’s mental health is not as talked about compared to women. As an employer, supporting the mental health of your male employees will help to reduce the incidence of suicide and suicidal thoughts.
3. Improved Work Performance: When men’s mental health is prioritized, they experience higher job satisfaction and work better. They are also able to strike a healthy work – life balance which leads to higher productivity at work.
4. Gender Equality: When you prioritize the mental well-being of your male employees, you create a workplace where both genders feel valued and respected.
5. Reduction of Alcohol and Substance Abuse: When you care for the mental health of your male employees, it leads to a reduction in substance abuse and alcoholism. When these are reduced, health issues like hypertension, diabetes etc., are also significantly reduced.

How can You Support the Mental Health of Your Male Employees?

1. Through mental health trainings and initiatives tailored for men: A lot of companies offer mental health trainings and initiatives to their employees but they are usually generic and lack focus. Support the mental health of your male employees with mental health trainings and initiatives that are specifically tailored to them. This personalized approach is more effective compared to mental health trainings for everyone.
2. Educate your male employees on the importance of making positive lifestyle changes: Organize programs that teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle that supports their physical and mental well-being. These programs will teach them on how to take care of their lives and make healthy lifestyle choices such as the importance of quality sleep, physical exercise, healthy meal choices, and the negative effects of alcoholism and drug abuse.
3. Organize mental health seminars and workshops: These would educate your male employees on the importance of prioritizing their mental health and how they can do it. These programs would help men understand the negative effects that society’s stereotypes of men have on their lives and families. It would also help them to recognize words and actions that supports toxic masculinity and how they can stand against it.
4. Help them to achieve a positive work-life balance: Many male employees do not understand the importance of creating a healthy balance with their work and personal life. They bring their work home and allows it to consume them. This usually backfires and affects their relationships with themselves and their family as well as their work performance. As an employer, you must try to help your male employees achieve a healthy work -life balance so they don’t burn out.
How do you do this:
  • Encourage then to take time-off and take breaks.
  • Offer flexible work arrangements.
  • Set defined work hours.
  • Do not assign tasks to employees outside work hours.

5. Provide mental health resources to your male employees: Unfortunately, the mental health of men is not as documented compared to women. So, one way to support the mental well-being of your male employees is by providing them with books, articles, videos about men’s mental health.

You can start a newsletter for your male employees where they receive mental health resources that creates awareness and helps them to care for their mental health.

6. Open communication: The stigma around the discussion of men’s mental health must be removed.

As an employer, you must make it okay for your male employees to talk about their mental health. The best way to do this is by example. Let your male employees know that you value and respect their mental wellbeing. Avoid saying words that perpetuate toxic masculinity to your employees like ‘Talk like a man’Even a woman works better than you‘ etc. This will encourage your employees to talk about their own struggles with mental health knowing they will not be judged.
As an employer, let your words and actions send a clear message that you care and prioritize the mental health of your male employees. In this month of June which is the male’s mental health awareness month, make sure to organize workshops and programs geared towards supporting men’s mental health.
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