5 Effective Ways You Can Manage Stress as a Working Nigerian Student

Student life can be very hectic especially as a student who has to learn how to strike a balance between academic life and social life. It is even more overwhelming if you are working and studying at the same time.

The stress of trying to meet up with classes, keeping up with your peers and running a business or working in an organization can pose a lot of pressure to a student and cause stress and anxiety.
In this blog post, you will learn 5 effective ways you can handle stress as a working Nigerian student.
5 Effective Ways You Can Manage Stress as a Working Nigerian Student:

1. Daily Goal Setting: This is an effective way to manage and reduce stress as a working Nigeria student. By listing out your goals for the day, you are able to focus more, manage your time and handle your school responsibilities and work duties better.
How to Set Daily Goals:

  • Get a journal.
  • Identify your priorities.
  • Set specific and realistic goals.
  • Allocate time for carrying out those goals.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Be flexible and willing to adjust when the need arises.

2. Quality Sleep: Sleeping well is another effective way of handling stress from working and studying at the same time. Getting enough quality sleep helps you to concentrate, energizes you and improves your mood. However, not getting enough sleep will not only affect you physically but mentally, ultimately leaving you more stressed out.
How to ensure you sleep better:

  • Create a sleep routine or schedule.
  • Limit the use of your phone at night.
  • Invest in budget-friendly yet quality mattress and pillows.
  • Reduce noise/sounds during bedtime.
3. Physical Exercise: Exercising regularly is very effective for managing and reducing stress as a working student. From attending classes, doing assignments, and working at the same time, you might find it difficult to make time to exercise. However, there are certain simple exercises you can fit into your day as you handle your academic responsibilities and work duties.

Some of them include:

  • Going for morning/evening walks.
  • Taking the stairs.
  • Stretching during study/work breaks.
  • Riding/Walking to work or classes.

4. Balanced Diet: Eating regular balanced meals will help you to work better and concentrate. It will also energize you and reduce your stress levels. Unfortunately, many Nigerian students prefer to eat junk foods or do not make time to eat enough.
To maintain a balanced diet:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink water regularly.
  • Reduce the amount of junk food you eat.

5. Seeking Professional Support and Counseling: It can very overwhelming trying to handle school life and work as well. Therefore, it is good to meet with counsellors and therapists where you can pour out your feelings and emotions and get encouragements and directions on how to cope.
Here are 3 things you must consider when choosing a therapist/counsellor:

  • Are they licensed/accredited professionals?
  • Do they allow flexible therapy options like online therapy?
  • Is it affordable?

Handling your school life alongside trying to make ends meet can place a lot of burden on your mental state and leave you stressed out. But through daily goal setting, regular exercise, quality sleep, healthy eating and seeking professional support, you will be more equipped to manage and reduce those pressures.

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